American Idol Puts On A Fresh Face For The Better

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest

I have watched the first two episodes of American Idol’s newest season ( it’s 10th) and I must say, I am pleased.  With the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as judges and the return of Nigel Lythgoe as Executive Producer,  the feeling of the show as already taken a change in a good way.

It is the same formula, but with enough improvements and changes to provide interest and a new personality to feel that American Idol has gotten a new step, or better yet, a new voice.  The Steve Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson combination is great. There is a chemistry that works well between all of them.  It is refreshing to see how  a whole new vibe on the judges panel  actually provides interest, and yes, credibility.  It is going to be a fun show to watch.

Also, the talent seems to already outshine last year’s crop so the competition will be back on its game and that will already create good buzz and hopefully put Idol way on top again.

This show has been a great platform for starting the careers of some of our most prominent entertainers today.  Let’s see which stars are born this season!

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