Grandma’s Voice


Grandma’s Voice

By: JP Leddy


I hear her voice calling us

Stopping our play in our jungle hideout

Under the shade of the Mango tree

Where my brothers and I  imagined

Boyhood adventures noble and true


Grandma’s voice was a clarion call

For afternoon treats of  freshly made

Banana donuts or maybe those made of breadfruit

Or maybe coconut candy or sugar pretzels

That delight grandsons with Grandma’s special love


Grandma’s voice reaches out pass boyhood imaginations

And conquers all with homemade treats and love

With memories that last through manhood

Posted on the Monday Poetry Potluck Our Home, Temple and Sanctum

12 thoughts on “Grandma’s Voice

  1. That’s beautiful, a lovely homage to your Grandma!
    I like the bit about conquering all with homemade treats and love – a perfect description of grandmas. Delightful!
    Thankd for your visit earlier.

  2. What a beautiful story. Mine was a palm tree, but the treats from grandma remained the same! She was always full of treats. A grandma’s love does seem to cut through imagination, and draw you in from whatever you’re occupied by. Thanks!

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