I Am Number Four – A Fun Movie to Watch

Okay, it might be because I have seen a series of Oscar nominated dramas and Indie films recently, but I just watched the science fiction action move, “I Am Number Four” and I liked it.

Sure the movie has elements of  Smallville and Twilight teen drama, but the alien battling on earth storyline – with some exciting well executed action scenes made it the best fun, popcorn thrill on screen this year.

With the menacing Mogadarians off to annihilate the nine refugees from a planet called Lorian, who were hidden on earth to mature to be Heroes to fight and  win the epic battle. So far three have been killed. Now,  the movie focuses on the 4th, John Smith ( played by Alex Pettyfyer) and his efforts to hide from the “Mogs.”

The story takes him and his protector, Henri ( played by Timothy Oliphant) to Paradise, Ohio where the hiding is short lived and John’s superpowers come into full force.  Intertwined with the galactic chaos , is a love story.

However, what won me over were the well executed fight scenes and battles. Especially, when the “Take no prisoners”  Number 6 ( played by Teresa Palmer) shows up to align herself with John.  They fight the Mogs and other creatures in one big spectacular battle!

Pure escapism and I loved it!

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