Photo courtesy of Polyworld



By: JP Leddy



Power to fly to the sky

Strength to lift the mountains tall

Force to crumble hurling cannons

Heat vision to melt frozen barrier walls


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Yes, superpowers can make life a little better

Yet one power  I desire above them all

The power to simply believe in me



Submitted to the Monday Poetry Potluck  Cartoons, Sci-Fi and Superpowers


17 thoughts on “Superpowers

  1. Nice little twist at the end, I kinda guessed something was coming there!
    If you can’t believe in yourself then no one else will, for sure.
    Nice write! And thx for visiting my poem earlier.

  2. So so sooootrue, JP! No other power can even get close to this one (the one about believing in oneself)!!

    VERY WELL SAID, my friend!! The perfect message to convey…

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