And Then Came The Laughter


Then Came The Laughter

by: JP Leddy


It swallowed my breath as it forged through my body

Rapturously overtaking my muscles convulsively

My heart pounding in octaves higher and higher

As I felt light headed and light footed where gravity lost power

My mouth forced opened as air rushed out with angel force

Then came the laughter , followed by more, and then the joy

Submittted to Thursday’s Poets Rally Week 39


I accept the following week 39 participant awards and thankΒ  Poet leaders Jingle and Leo for the opportunity


I am also honored to accept the Perfect Poets Award for Thursday Rally Week 38 and appreciate the nominations from my peers and the Poet leader Jingle for her efforts in these endeavors.

Touching wall

Finger bleeds red

rusted nail

I like to nominate Jamie Dedes for the Perfect Poets Award for Week 39.


47 thoughts on “And Then Came The Laughter

  1. awesome,
    Jamie will smile big on this…

    delightful piece, well done.

    you can also post the celebrate poet of spring in 2011 award.
    have fun.

  2. nice delivery on describing how it feels to laugh! felt like neruda describing laughter.

  3. Great poem and it is true that laughter is such a beautiful gift in our lives. I noticed that I tend to pick friends who make me laugh a lot. Thanks for the reminder of how important laughter is. hugs, pat

  4. This is as lovely as it could be!
    JP, may yo be blessed with unending laughter n joys forever!

    Thanks for making me read this nice one as the 1st thing in the morning..

    Hugs xox

  5. That was fresh and cheery post, laughter is everything! bravo for the awards and your nomination, perfect! Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Whoa ! that was I felt somewhat close to this reading your poem ! πŸ™‚ Quite light and crisp πŸ™‚ I never know laughing can be transformed into poem , but you did !! :):)

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