Legislate Love- The Struggle for LGBT Equality On Guam

The road to equality for the LGBT community winds through some of the more remote areas of the world.  One of those places is my birthplace, the island of Guam.  Recently I was made aware by Joseph Strang of a film documentary that he had produced with Elizabeth Lubuag in concert with the University of Guam.

The film is called “Legislate Love”  and  tracks the stories and the issues surrounding the failed efforts of Bill 185 which have attempted to establish domestic partnership rights on Guam for same sex couples.  The film does a remarkable job in providing an intimate look at the cultural and religious difficulties that are at strife over homosexuality on the island.

There is a remarkable tenacity in those people fighting against the very influential and political Catholic leadership on Guam which went to extreme measures to influence the killing of the bill. However, the film also put a light on a growing population of gay and straight Guam residents who are resolved to see that this fight is won.  The film centers on  a grass roots movement fueled by courage and love.

You sense that the Goliath of opposition will eventually fall.  I was personally moved by the film because of my own experience growing up on the island.

Strang should be commended for the film’s camera work in bringing the audience close to the people being interviewed in the film. The whole filmed was shot in angles that gave a perspective of real humanity in each frame.   This lends itself to great directing and editing.

The message of this film is universal and despite the defeat of  Bill 185,  there is a sense that  this loss is simply a setback and that justice will finally prevail.

The film is presented below in clips.  You can also see them at the following You Tube Channel:

Legislate Love

5 thoughts on “Legislate Love- The Struggle for LGBT Equality On Guam

  1. Elizabeth,

    It is easy to support such great work. What a milestone and important work that will continue to help pave the way for understanding and equal rights on Guam for years ahead.


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