Feed Me



Photo Courtesy of Woodland Shores Baptist Church


Feed Me


JP Leddy


The hunger lingers and crawls

Awakening a primal longing

Going deeper than the flesh

Past the  thirst and stomach rumblings

The emptiness seeks to be filled

It overtakes any thought and attention

“Feed Me” screams the desperate  cry

Not from my belly…but from my soul

Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck Food, Drink and Indulgence

16 thoughts on “Feed Me

  1. Stomachs can be fed.. hunger can be appeased… But those cries cannot be silenced all too easily…
    Very nicely written, JP… very heartfelt and poignant..

    Peace to you, my friend..

  2. We stuff our bellies and minds full but all too often forget to feed our souls. How beautifully you remind us that there is no value to life when our soul has starved to death.

    Thank you, too, for visiting me and leaving your encouraging words. Also, I am honored for the nomination for the award but am not able to accept it as I can not meet the conditions. I live in a remote section of Brazil (all is remote if one lives more than 15 minutes from a major city) and have very slow intermittent Internet service. It keeps my time online very limited. But I love that you nominated me and that will stay in my heart if not on my blog.

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