Angel Wings and Forked Tongues


Angel Wings and Forked Tongues

by JP Leddy


On angel wings they claim the words came

To make our love fit to become cinders in hell

With forked tongues their vile gospel sends

Children to hanging their necks  in self hate


These preachers whose voices have slimed the halls of legislation

Where religious bias has no place but is being forced to take root

To corral a few citizens to the Colosseum to be mauled by bigotry

To their Ceasar, their God , their idol of  the stone heart of hate


On angels wings and forked tongues they scream

Not the words of the humble carpenter they claim

But an impostor they forged out of their own depravity

To attack love because they have never understood love at all



Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck  Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation


27 thoughts on “Angel Wings and Forked Tongues

  1. So glad you addressed this–execellent choice for the theme. This pathetic “congregation” is a travesty of all that God’s love stands for. It angers me as a Christian because some will think they speak for all of us. God forgive them.

  2. live2day,

    It is is true that these loud few often put a bad rep on the majority that do not feel the same. I hope the majority would just let their voices be heard. Silence will only allow them to fester and grow.


  3. ahhh… a topic I can relate to… and have also written about a few times.
    and love the line, “On angels wings and forked tongues”…

    Glad to have stumbled in here from Jingle’s blog… =)

  4. A strong poem, right on the theme, with a shocking message.I had not heard of this ‘so called’ church. These people have closed their hearts and do damage to their own souls.

  5. Really, that last stanza was powerful and MOST effective!!
    “Where religious bias has no place but is being forced to take root” — and this is sooo true… people do the oddest things in the name of God… quite hurtful really! 😦

    Very well written, JP!!!

  6. Fanatastic write! The group in the pictures are sort of familar, they look like the same ones from America that were trying to get into Canada to protest a play about a gay man who was nearly beaten to death. It is astounding how some can mistake what should be an example of how to treat another for entitlement to trounce upon another.

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