My Heart Is Light Today

There is something interesting about transitioning into a new period of your life that brings little lessons or kernels of wisdom along the way.  They are often in whispers and it takes come listening in quiet moments to catch them.

Some of you know that the past couple of years I have had to cope with ending a long term relationship with a partner that I deeply loved. It was extremely difficult and it caused me much pain.   I admittedly did not handle it well at first and tried to shut the pain in binge drinking and unhealthy meaningless liaisons.

Somehow I was able to find myself again and have learned that I do not want to live in bitterness.  I want the best for my ex-partner as I do for myself.  Letting go of all of that has freed me.  It has also open my heart .

I am feeling better about myself and my life than ever before.  I have started to date again and that has been new in so many ways.   It has been ages since that has happened. Drinking is not an issue. I am enjoying the journey.  Although I know I ultimately want a long term and loving relationship with someone, I am enjoying life and know that everything will happen in its due time.

Here are some lessons.

  1. The better you feel about yourself and love yourself the more people will be drawn to your positive energy.
  2. Be thankful for each day.  It is an opportunity to live, explore and discover.
  3. Enjoy your true friends.
  4. Appreciate that you have had the opportunity to be in love and that you can be in love again.
  5. Your validation as a person or your value does not depend on anyone’s approval.
  6. Relax and be happy.
  7. Enter a place with no expectations….then life surprises you.
  8. Listen.
  9. Look more for a person’s heart.  Sometimes underneath handsome is boring and disgusting.
  10. Move on to live in the present and enjoy a better future.

My heart is light today.

7 thoughts on “My Heart Is Light Today

  1. It sounds as though this whole process of loss and rediscovering you has brought a lot of goodness and growth your way. Hope you find someone good enough for you, who will be caring.

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