Living Outside The Box

We live in a world where we are are constantly being put into some sort of category or being analyzed for behavioral patterns that beg for some grouping to drive such things as advertising campaigns, product lines, political ideas, or theoretical explanations.  As humans we also tend to gather to some sort of conformity or boxed idea of how we should be as to whatever norm exists.

There is some prudence to this, I must admit.  However, individually, living within the box, can be stifling and not allow us to experience the fullest of life and our greatest of joys.  Going against what is expected from a place of sincerity is the truest expression of self realization.  I am not talking about going against the norm  for the sake of rebellion or attention seeking.

I have chosen paths in my life where I have gone outside of the box and it has open doors to the greatest experiences of my life. Coming out was one of them.

Living out of the box also allows you to get in touch with your truest self.  You will find that you will no longer be weighed down by brands, or social status, or elitism. You will actually be master of choice and be able to select out of the smorgasbord of life what you love, what you do and what you experience.

You can see those who live outside the box because they are not followers.  They are independent and are very happy in their lives. They are engage in living.  No matter their age,  they are vibrant.  In fact,  the older they get,  their youthful spirit shines through.

I aspire each day to live out of the box.  The moments that I do, I am the happiest.

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