Lovers We Are Now


Lovers We Are Now

By JP Leddy

My heart dances to his voice in my dreams…

As I search for his face in my awakeness…

Love leaves me unsatisfied as he alludes me…

Tempted as I am I do not lose hope….

I keep believing with every new sunrise…

That his arms will encircle me fully…

That his lips will press mine with passion…

That his soft whispers will sing into my soul…

That his eyes will burn into mine as he utters the words…

“Lovers we are now and forever more.”


Submitted to the Week 41st Thursday Poetry Rally

47 thoughts on “Lovers We Are Now

  1. How tender and romantic, JP. Lovely.

    Look for an email from me within the next 24 hours. Would like to interview you for Sunday Rally Dispatch, if that would be okay with you.


  2. i havent read anything as romanctic as this in awhile….
    i can feel the passion coming from your words..
    thanks for stopping by my page..

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