Feeling It

Photo courtesy of straightjoy.com

Living in the present is not only a conscious thing you do in the mind, I discovered.  It is something you feel in your heart.   You have to feel the moment  you are in.

Taking the time to smell the roses is not only an exercise of the senses but it must be one that draws out your emotions to make the experience  full.

Feeling it allows us to be vulnerable which means we experience growth. Growth means we have to sometimes deal with unresolved issues and emotions.  It also means that we may be continuing to go through the next steps of those processes.  At least we are not repressing anything or in any denial. We are present.

What is wonderful is that when those moments pass, we experience joy and peace.  So we must never be shy from feeling the present.   It gives us the ability to healthily live our lives with both tears and laughter.  We feel alive.

I once lived in the past and the future and lost myself.  My feelings turn into numbness.   Now I  feel me again.  I feel this moment.  I feel the now.

This is where I belong and want to live.

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