Friends to the Nth Power

This past several days has given me pause to think about the power of friends in my life.  I am especially thinking of what it means to enjoy their company and its impact on my well being.

I am away from my family living here in San Francisco and what has happened is that core groups of friends have become family to me. One group that especially stands out is the Haus of Coxxx.  Within my gay social circles, I became friends with one of the prominent drag performers in the city, Ana Mae Coxxx.   She created a group of some of her closest friends into a family of sorts called the Haus of Coxxx.  It has served to help her not only to promote her shows but more importantly to assist her with her countless fundraisers for numerous charities.

What has formed from these unique interactions is a family of friends, with a support structure built on caring and love.  This last week it was especially exemplified when one of our own Jason Husted ” Slim Coxxx”  and his partner Christopher Humphreys lost all their belongings to an apartment fire. A benefit was organized and monies were raised exceeding $4000.  That was just the beginning of the outreach to them.

The other thing that came about was this week presented almost daily interactions for the majority of the whole Haus.  It was certainly great bonding but it was literally the company of friends that added such a comfort and joy to my week.  It created in my mind the realization that these friends have truly become my family.  They are my friends to the nth power.

It has invigorated my being to be around them.  I believe that when you love the people in your life and you have them around you physically there is this energy that is added to you.   It makes me realize that we need to be in the company of these people we call our friends.  This enriches our lives in such a way that makes us emotionally healthier and happier.

Our lives should not get too busy to enjoy the power of being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Friends to the Nth Power

  1. Thanks again for visiting my blog and commenting. Your friends sound like a wonderful community. I’ve always said, there’s the family you’re born into and the family you make – and if they are lucky, some of the former group make it into the latter. Also find so fun the idea that all the performers take the last name “Coxxx.” Reminds me of the Ramones!

    I remember well all the benefits we did for Gay Men’s Health Crisis in the 80s in NYC, along with rent parties, helping friends in disasters like your friends’ fire (hope they are doing better)…

    Friends are forever. They are there for us, as we are for them, always. The bonds may be around gender, common interest, the arts… or all combined!

    Peace and LGBTQA solidarity, your ally, Amy

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