Minnesota’s Folly

The Minnesota Senate recently passed SF 1308 , a bill asking for an amendment to the state constitution banning same sex marriage in the state. It recently passed and now the House Civil Law Committee has made sure it is fast tracked into making sure it is a ballot measure in the 2012 elections.

Like all such measures seen in similar legislative movements in other states,  all Republican sponsored, the driving force has been the interests of the extreme religious right perpetrating their dogma  on public policy.   No matter how it is positioned, it still is bigotry in it’s most ugly form.

Generations in the future will look back at such measures as shameful acts where ignorance and hate dominated political leaders‘ agendas and states like Minnesota will find that a constitutional amendment that segments a portion of their population against having basic rights will be indeed a folly. Hopefully the voters will be wiser than their leaders.

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