Jeb Havens – San Francisco’s Singer/Songwriter Gem

Jeb Havens

One of the great things about Tom Goss and attending his music concerts is that wherever he goes, he likes to feature local artists.  This past weekend while Tom was here, I had the good fortune of  seeing Jeb Havens perform for the the first time.  I was blown away.  Jeb is a local singer and songwriter who has an amazing talent  writing some great songs but also singing them with such passion on stage.

He gets lost in his music while he plays keyboard and that is what captures you immediately in his performance.  I also got to talk to him a bit before the show started and he is a personable guy with a great sense of humor.   He is very comfortable in his own skin.  Jeb shared about his entry to the music performance world back in his youth as part of a boy band routine at Six Flags.

Jeb Havens

His roommate  attended. Also, his boyfriend of 3 years came to the concert .   There is a great bond between them that you can see reflected through even a couple of his songs.  He even shared how his boyfriend and his friends helped him select his outfit for the night.

Jeb Havens

You can tell he has a deep passion for music.  He is especially involved in promoting LGBT artists.  He also  collaborates with local artists and performs with them at Martuni’s .    He has a self  title album that is available on iTunes and one his website.   Songs Like California Boy, Lullaby,  Closer are featured in the album.

I am glad that I got to meet a great talent in our very own San Francisco.  I invite you to meet Jeb and his music.  You will love it and become a fan.

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