The Drag Life – A Must See Show On You Tube

Anya Munro and Victoria Balenciaga

Sometimes the best new shows are not on TV but on the Internet , namely You Tube.   The show is called  The Drag Life.   Coming out of San Francisco, from the stars and drag personality creators Victoria Balenciaga and Anya Munro, these webisodes are scripted comedic pieces set up like a reality show.

Well known in the drag community and performance circuit in the city, the gals have taken their wonderful stage persons and put them now into a storyline full of mischief and drag shenanigans. You will be laughing out loud as you watch them banter and cause havoc in this fair city in the west.

One of the great phenomenons of the internet and technology is the ability of creative talent like the ones behind the Drag Life to come to being and literally be shared with the world.   It allows incredible access and such low costs.

I like call these two characters and their cohorts a homage to sitcoms like “Laverne and Shirley” but on steroids with lots of wigs and false eyelashes.   It also has that Absolutely Fabulous with a touch of Priscilla of the Desert kind of feeling.

Hope you watch the craziness that is The Drag Life.

4 thoughts on “The Drag Life – A Must See Show On You Tube

  1. David,

    I know both of them. Their stage shows are great. They are both characters and I am sure they will be a success at this too. Pretty raunchy funny.


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