Finding the Heart In San Francisco

I love this city in the West.  I not only have left my heart in San Francisco , I have found it is all about Heart.   I came here originally when business was booming.  It was the dot com era.  Money was flowing and innovation was heated up. It was an exciting time.

When all that went to bust, I was able to find another job but was caught up in a couple of waves of mergers and buyouts. Through my various job evolutions, I am now on the cusp on developing my own company.  It is in this city that even in the worst of economic times, dreams are still alive and are coming true.  Yes, there is heart here.

I also moved here with a partner and a relationship that I thought would last forever.  In this city I found true heartbreak.   What ended and caused the most pain, has turned into a new beginning for me.  I feel in this city of love that all of it is possible again.  Moving on in the way I have can only happen in a place where there is heart.

However, the biggest heart dividend of San Francisco is the group of friends that I have made and who have added so much to my life here. I am reminded every day of it.  This past weekend spending time with some of them actually renewed me and filled me happiness knowing that I have them in this wonderful city.

So even during the rough times that come with life,  I realized that this city has produced some of my closest and wonderful friends who are there when I need it.

Some people leave their heart in San Francisco,  I live in it’s beat.

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