I Found Home

Photograph by J.P. Leddy

I Found  Home

by: J.P. Leddy

Orange red bridge, rainbows and foggy draped mornings…

Trolleys  crawling  up steep roller coaster hills….

Piers that delight sailors and shoppers from all over the world…

A needle point tower over bustling streets of commerce and dreamers…

A city where love is found and lost and found again in another heart…

Coffee and tea flow like honey on every street corner for all to partake…

Happy hour comes early with wine, beer and cocktails for the daily celebrant…

You can be who you be here where diversity is the norm and the expected…

Artist, Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive, Musician, Gay, Straight or whatever…

Simply live your dream ,  reach for it,  make it real in this place of possibilities….

This place where  a World Series has been won ,  where equal rights are called for…

It is a place I found  me….I found  home….I found San Francisco….

Submitted to Poetry Potluck Inspired by a Song

19 thoughts on “I Found Home

  1. Hello Jon-paul. How are you?
    That’s a great picture you took!
    Sounds like you’re in the best place for you.

    Nicely done!

    Thanks for taking some time to visit my blog.

  2. You’re making me homesick with this one, JP. Such an incredible place. But the commute from HMB to UCSF, the cost of living. All got to be too much. Nicely expressed poem.

  3. Excellent piece. I’ve always wanted to visit California and San Francisco is one of my top priorities to visit if I ever do venture out west. Just seems like a nice place that has much to offer, no matter what you do or what you consider a good time. Seen lots of film and television and your piece portrays a much more precise image of what San Fran means to you as well as what it could mean to others. Thanks for sharing this work:)

  4. Hurray to SFO! If I were to ever move to the West Coast, it HAS to be SFO! The four trips I made to this awesome place has left me with beautiful memories…

    Your poem today just brought back those, JP… LOVELY!!

  5. Fantastic words and a stunning photograph! I’ve been to SF a couple of times, never on pleasure but for business so I’ve never really been blessed to see its more relaxed side and charming vistas, thanks for read on what i’ve misse!.

  6. amazing.

    Sorry for missing it, the regret is at the corner of my mind always, I am glad that I remember to find this one.

    thanks for the support,

    see you on Sunday again,


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