Savoring It

I am in the midst of moving soon into San Francisco from the place I have been living for about 12 years at Lake Merritt, Oakland.  It is time.  It will represent a new era for me  and a new life.

As I look back in my life,  it has always been a series of transitions and growth.  Life has never allowed me to stand still.  Every turn has had a lesson and an opportunity to develop more, even when I did not want to and even when some of it has been painful. Through all of it, I ended up grateful.

I am experiencing more happiness in my life as I more forward into this next phase.  There is not much in terms of material things but there is a lot more about inner peace finally.   That grounds me and allows optimism to open my heart.

I am also savoring the experiences of having genuine people in both my professional and personal life.  These associations have help weed out those people whose superficiality or insincerity were taking too much of my time.  I believe that process was in direct proportion of my self- acceptance of my self value again.

I love that this transition is giving me the excitement of possibility again.  I think that feeling sets the stage for a life worth living.  I feel it helps me meet each day with the anticipation of something great.

“We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.”   George Bernard Shaw

I am working on my new company now. It  has my name.  I own it. It is wonderful to be building on the concept and making it a reality.  This is all part of this new day for me.

I bask in it.  I am savoring it.

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