Super 8 – Summer Movie with Familiar Theme

Cast members of Super 8

I like Super 8.  It is a charming movie with that Spielberg touch and with enough J.J Abrams touches that it is a great summer movie.  I just wish it had more to it.   The themes and plots are familiar so there were no real surprises to it.  However,  the actors and and some of the storyline were brilliant.   The special effects were theater magic at its best.

It was like visiting an old friend where you enjoyed the familiarity but wished something had changed to show some growth or maturity.  I believe this film had the opportunity to become  a classic like E.T.   has become.  Yet it fell short because of the unoriginal plot line, especially with the anti-climactic ending.  It was that way because we have already seen this script and ending so many times before.  It calls back to the Goonies or Stand By Me in some ways.

The cast saves the show with the great ensemble chemistry.  Lead ,Joel Courtney, is a standout as Joe Lamb – a newcomer to movies but is definitely a rising star to watch. Elle Fanning who plays Alice is also memorable.  The plot surrounds a group of young friends determined to make a zombie movie with a Super 8 camera. One night while filming a scene, they witnessed a train crash that brought them more trouble then they ever dreamed off.  With science fiction,  thriller elements and some humor the movie uses all elements to take the audience on a ride.

Even with some of my critical comments, the movie is a definite summer movie to watch.

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