So You Think You Can Dance Candidate Line Up -Best Ever!!!

I watched the auditions to my favorite reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance” for this season.  I can say after watching the show for several years and seeing the final 20 contestants selected for  the actual competition, that these candidates, if they bring it on, can make this the best season ever.

In terms of talent and genre, it is the most interesting and skilled group.  We are going to see some real great routines performed.  In the competitive world of dance there is no way you can hide mistakes.  You have to to be good or great with every performance.  There is something real organic about this competition.

Although there will only one winner when it is all set and done, most of these dancers will be set for a strong career because of the exposure they will receive.

I hope that you all have the chance to watch it tonight and all season.

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