Midnight in Paris Takes Your Heart Away

It is not your typical Woody Allen movie but it has his genius fully imprinted in every frame.  Midnight in Paris is a fanciful tale that drives home the message of love in such a way that it really embodies what movies should do.  It transports you completely away to a wonderful experience that keeps with you long after the closing credits have finished rolling.

Owen Wilson is simply outstanding in the lead role and perfectly cast. He has the perfect mix of comedic undertones that wraps into the dramatic and heart wrenching  growth which his character makes in the journey to find real love.

The city of Paris is as much an important character in the movie as the place where Wilson  plays a successful Hollywood screenwriter seeking refuge in the city of love to fulfill his passion,  to write a novel.  In the meanwhile he is engaged.  He is in Paris with his fiancee and her parents.  The magic of the city transports him to a different era  at midnight to meet with with some of his hero authors.  He is back to present time by the morning.

That is the set up…what ensues is the pure human experience unfolding as we see Owens and his fellow characters discover true love under the stars of Paris.

The best movie I have seen all year.

2 thoughts on “Midnight in Paris Takes Your Heart Away

  1. I’ve seen this three times now and covered it in two posts. It’s a wonderful film with a wonderful message. The esthetics are perfectly beautiful.

    I actually found it to be quintessentially Wood Allen, a throwback to his early days with a bit more polish. Owen Wilson is a great alter ego to Allen, he picked up the manerisms and inflections perfectly … and finally a worthy role for that very worthy and talented actor. One hopes that it helps in recouperating from his depression and suicide attempt. Bravo to all involved for a memorable event and to you JP for spreading the word. A fine post here.

    I’ve been a huge Woody Allen fan forever almost. We got to see him play in his band when he was here about two years ago at the Fox in Redwood City. It was a one night gig. I saw a zillion folks from NY that I know, and my son took the family as a our Christmas gift. Wonderful! I wish you could have been there, JP. There he was – seventy years old – and blowing that horn like no tomorrow. He was awesome – truly – and the music was great.

    Peace –

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