A New Life

My recent move to San Francisco has been one of the most major milestones in my life. I simply moved across the bay from Oakland after living there several years.  My life started in the bay area in a long term relationship that had its beginnings in Oregon and then there was the break-up.  My heart broke.  I lived through the heart break with my ex partner until I was able to move out.   He and I were able to develop an amicable relationship and maintain a friendship.  I am grateful for that.

That chapter has closed. Lessons have been learned. A new life has started.

Moving to my new home has actually brought lightness that has unburdened me.  There have been adjustments but those adjustments have been those associated normally with change.  My heart is at peace finally.  There are possibilities to my day that I could not see with such clarity before.

I find that the greatest progress has been in my own self.  When one goes through an emotional crisis and passes through it, there is so much growth and strength that can be gained.  There is so much that can be developed in terms of character and and inner strength.  It is all part of this journey of life where you can learn that your capacity to love is not diminished but is actually increased. You just learn to be wiser.  You learn to communicate better.

Like any new life, the blank canvass is still getting the initial brush strokes so the painting is still far from being completed.  I am excited about creating it.

San Francisco, I am home.

2 thoughts on “A New Life

  1. its good to see you around my friend when many blogs have died a premature death! it is so sad.. as for me, it had been a long hiatus and i came back, did a little change on my blog and hey, visit me sometimes alright?..

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