The All Family Project – Creating Understanding About What is Family

One of the newest and what I believe far reaching and impactful non profit organizations to emerge is the The All Family Project. It is a collaborative effort between straights and gays to promote tolerance and awareness  for  gays and their families.  The organization uses photography ,video , public forums, social and print media to promote positive images of LGBT families.

This sub group of the gay community is often either misrepresented or ignored.  What is relevant also is that on the federal and state level there are many laws that don’t recognize the union of the parents.  This only adds to the unfortunate cloistering of these families away from mainstream family society.

The Project will actively advocate for these families and against efforts that prevent their equal status in society.  One of the first efforts  is to put up a series of Billboards with positive messages starting in Utah.

Also through the positive images of gay families it truly opens the window to drive the point home about equality for all.  To support these worthy efforts, please visit the All Family Project website.

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