By: JP Leddy

His voice deep and soothing drew me

With quiet confidence he opened my heart

Handsomeness framed in sincerity and generosity

Charming in every storybook princely way

This is only the beginning of  which there is no end

Every moment has been joy filled with love wisping softly

I have been lost in his eyes, in his kisses and in his arms

Wanting never to be found and left to our Neverland

 I am thankful beyond breath to the fate that led us to meet

My present and my future are now not mine but his as well

I soak in the warmth of the possibility of us now and tomorrow

Smitten I am with this wonderful man simply called Lee

Lee and JP

12 thoughts on “Lee

  1. So lovely is your poem and is your love for each other. Many people go a lifetime and not know this kind of love. Thank you for sharing this touching tribute to our ability to love. Hugs, pat

  2. A beautiful write and it is wonderful to see two people who are obviously very happy – it simply coats each line with joy

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  4. Such a lovely poem and picture. My mother is a lesbian who endured terrible societal rejection (she’s 62) that it is so wonderful to see the opening of hearts and minds in our world. Thank you for your recent visit to my poem “Fetched Oft By Chance”. I look forward to reading more of your work. See you at the rally.

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