Honoring the Coming of Love

I remember sitting down with my friend Soniyah sipping tea as we counseled over opening my heart again to the possibility of love in my life.  It has been some time since I really put myself in a place to even consider it.  I mean I may have said it but deep down my heart was not in the right place.

She guided me through a couple of  sessions and other meetings that the key was to really focus on how I was thinking about myself.  Also, I had to consider the place in my mind and my heart I was residing.  In essence, what was the vibe I was sending out to the universe.

I must admit I was really skeptical at first. I thought it was about what she was sharing with me. However, I realized it was more about result of the collateral damage of my long term relationship that ended so bitterly for me. It was also skepticism resulting from what I was seeing in the experiences I was having in subsequent relationships.  I was literally setting myself up for relationships that were bent on imploding because of the skepticism in my heart.

Once my heart changed and my mind was in sync with  it really believing  I was deserving of real love, things started changing for me.  Coupled with a change in environment,  it was as if  doors start being opened and my eyes saw new things.

This is when the laws of  attraction, the right kind, come into play.

Into my life, walks in this man.   From the first hello, he has captured my attention and my heart. It has been the most amazing thing.

My friend, Andy, said it perfectly.  He said, “JP,  You just put your heart out there and the universe answered you.”

I have a become a believer that love comes to those who make themselves ready for it and honor its coming.

Thanks, Soniyah.  You were right.

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