Escape to Napa

JP Leddy in Napa

It has been some time since I actually been to Napa.  So when Lee decided to use the overnight get-a-way package he won at an auction bid at a charity event this weekend, I was  thrilled to experience it with him.  It was our first trip out of town as a couple.  It allowed us to get to know each other better.

Was it romantic?


Was it memorable?


Did we see much of Napa?


Lee Smith checking out some local architecture in Napa

However, we did get to drive around and see some of the scenery and spent some time downtown so that was nice. Lee loves antique stores so we went into a couple of them and had fun looking at items. I enjoyed it because I was with him. He and I are both outgoing so before we knew it we were engaging people in the stores and meeting people as far away as Tennessee.

We also went to a Thrift store where Lee ( who used to own an upscale clothing store) went bargain hunting for great deals.  We both love shopping so it was fun!

Lee Smith and JP Leddy enjoying a meal in Napa

We shared a nice evening meal the night before so the afternoon was spent being tourists and just enjoying a lazy afternoon in the town of Napa.  It was so relaxing and lovely.

What is amazing to me is that this man has come into my life and has enriched it so much.  I never believed that I could find love again that would be so powerful in my life.  Well,  I have and it only came when I opened myself to the possibility of it.

Napa was wonderful because I shared it with someone I love.  I can’t wait for our next visit there.

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