I’ve Got You

I’ve Got You

by: JP Leddy

I am floating in the lightness of love

Since he walked into my heart with full embrace

Joy filled my body and then burst into the air

Never ending explosions of happiness and smiles

Every day and eve are added pages of a growing love story

Of the two of us perfectly joined with our souls and being

Where fate and hope cross paths and locked permanently

Where  wishing wells gave up and made it all come true

I’ve Got You  and You’ve Got Me in melodic unison

Our lives are now one together to live harmoniously

in love, with love,  for love , celebrating love

I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me , the song keeps playing

Submitted to Thursday’s Poet Rally 50

( This poem is dedicated to Lee Smith)

18 thoughts on “I’ve Got You

  1. Aww. I almost cried. It is so beautiful thw way you describe that love which is the kind of love that has already became mature enough as to be able to see the joy it brings to share life (with all it comes with) with another one… You know? This is a poem Id like to read on my wedding day.

  2. I enjoyed the lyrical nature of the
    It is felt deeply and sincerely.
    well done
    this was my favorite line.
    “Where wishing wells gave up and made it all come true”

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