The Same Journey, New Milestones, Clearer Purpose

Photo by JP Leddy

Life for me continues to unfold in ways that either is a product of age or simply with the realization of certain truths and accepting them.  Perhaps it is a combination of both.  I know that I am much more aware of who I am and my purpose than ever before, in the sense of  becoming more congruent with who I am internally and embracing it.   Taking the next step in living it and taking full responsibility for making my life what I wanted it to be, making my journey what it is and and what it will be every day were the next steps.

There is something powerful that has happened with that clarity.  It has brought some significant changes in my life. They sometimes came in whispers and they sometimes come times in shouts.  However,  I have seen it attract positive forces in my life and negative forces have or are slowly  dissipating from me.

It does not mean that life has become any easier but that my way of navigating through my challenges has come with a surety and a strength.  The vision of my journey is not lost in the process.

I am sometimes amazed that some things have come quicker than I expected but when it is love,  I sit back in my quietness and I find myself happy in it.  It came because I was ready.  I fought it a little mainly because of my own insecurities but I realized that the alternative was so superficial. Neverland and its bright lights only become empty cold heaps of metal in the morning.  It is time to fly away from all that and live love and life.

I also have found that my life is filling up with genuine and positive friends augmenting the ones that I already have in my life.  I am rediscovering my family and will be spending more and more time with them.  Traveling will become more  a staple in my life as well as writing.  I am on the cusp of launching a whole new consulting business that is opening a whole new world of mine.

Like Oprah says, ” You are responsible for your life.”  Once you realize the power of that statement and really live it, you make the real change in your life no matter where you are come from and where you are now.

I am excited about the journey.

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