Revenge- My Guilty Pleasure

Since it’s debut on ABC this fall,  Revenge has been my escape from reality without being one of those countless reality shows that litter the small screen.  It is a traditional, updated prime time drama that is deliciously over the top in its story lines of  the blue blood rich and the other wealthy that occupy the Hamptons in the East Coast.

However the main twist is that it follows the activities of  Emily Thorne ( alias for one time resident , Amanda)  who is consumed by betrayal, rage and vengeance against those parties responsible for the wrongful prosecution and conviction of her now deceased father.  There is some campiness to the show but there is enough pathos and empathy of the main character, and even for some of the other characters, that Revenge truly is TV entertainment at its best in that genre.

Emily  VanCamp and  Madeleine Stowe spar off perfectly against each other as the main dames in a powerful chess game where coming to check mate is almost as fun as the result.   Most of there scenes are simply riveting and priceless. There is a tempo to the show that allows the viewer to feel they are in a fun ride of sorts with some emotional moments along the way.  This is because the writing is good and the acting  matches it.

The show airs on Wednesday and is great mid week viewing. Some episodes have included the ruination of a top scurrilous wall street broker using high tech infiltration. Another episode including exposing a best friend’s affair with a husband through some espionage techniques that would have made James Bond proud.  The next was ruining a potential Presidential candidates hope by staging a pregnant mistress show up at a major speech rally.  These are just some morsels.  There is so much more to enjoy your popcorn and snacks with as you watch your full hour of Revenge.

The show gives you hints as to the reason for Emily’s deep rooted hatred with flashbacks to the past woven through the show.

I have not enjoyed so much vengeance in a long time.  You should, too.  Tune in and hold on for a rocky and fun ride.

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