Listening to the Whispers

Those pesky whispers.  I am not talking about the whispers that you see reported on those Ghost Hunters documentaries in the SyFy Channel.  I am also not talking about those whispers that make you this side of crazy.  I am talking about those whispers that speak to you from your core…your conscience,  your intuition,  for the more religious ( the Spirit),  that seem to guide you in your life’s direction, keep you out of danger and keep you on course.

You either listen to them or ignore them.  If you ignore them, they will eventually catch up to you with a volume heightened life event that knocks you off your feet so you finally hear them clearly.

I am finding many life whispers lately.  Many of them surrounding both my professional and personal life. Part of me is resisting them because it involves facing some decisions and course directions.  It is in that resistance, that I find myself wondering why do I fight these whispers in my life sometimes.

I think part of it is the fear of the unknown. I think most if it is really is the fear of embracing what I need most and completely being honest about it.  I am surrounded by people ( all well intentioned) who list for me their opinion on what they feel is best for me.  Sometimes the combination of their voices floods me with anxiety.  Not because of their concern but because of my inability to listen to the whispers and vocalize my true feelings.  This pattern resurfaces once in a while and always during times of momentous changes in my life.

The clarity for me is this : the uncomfortableness of being true to yourself is worth more than the wreckage of a life destroyed by an unauthentic life lived.

So  welcome the whispers.  They keep you true.

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