Kelly Clarkson’s Album “Stronger” Tops Them All

I have been loving all the songs in the newest album “Stronger” from American Idol Alum, Kelly Clarkson.  She is certainly one of the most prolific music artist talents of her generation.  The lyrics and musics of her tracks resound with messages of strength and fortitude that everyone can relate to especially when dealing with the aftermath of relationships gone sour.

However ,  what is really present in her music is this awareness that no matter what life brings to you, you are stronger for it and can come out of it better.  You are in control.

The music is original and Kelly has that pure voice that brings her soul to the notes and simply moves you.  The quality of the music is so above what is currently on the charts that Clarkson is the artist to watch this season.  I have her songs on heavy rotation on my iPhone.

What Doesn’t Kill You, You Love Me, Don’t Be A Girl About It, Mr. Know It All, Why Don’t You Try, etc.  I love these songs and all of her tracks.

This is a classic in the making of an artist who is becoming a legend in her own right.

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