The Muppets – Like A Warm Blanket With Milk And Cookies

While on my Disneyland Holiday vacation, Lee and I  took in a showing of the Muppets at the AMC Theatre at Disney Downtown.  What we were treated to was not some riveting dramatic movie or masterful art piece, but that comfortable, nostalgic feeling of yesteryear.  It was like meeting an old friend.

The plot was simple.  There were tunes to hum to, including the catchy Am I Man or Muppet?  It was a reunion of old friends with the familiar cheesiness fit for a holiday.  Kermit even sang the Rainbow song with Miss Piggy.

The gags came with some laughs.  Beaker still got me to bust up with his “Meemeemee” antics.   My moans get loader with Fozzie the Bear’s awful jokes.  Yet, it was all classic Muppets.

I end up smiling at the end of the movie and glad I came.  Popcorn never tasted better.  The world seemed a lot easier and with a little Muppet elbow grease , all things seem possible.

Go catch the Muppets. Enjoy it like a warm blanket and have some milk and cookies.

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