My Real Life – No One Else’s

It seems as every year passes in my life and with every milestone whether it is joyful or painful, lessons are learned.  As Oprah or some of  the wisest of our philosophers have said in our history – these lessons whisper to us.

What I find illuminating is that I am actually more happy than I ever have been before with who I am and where I am internally as a person. There are challenges, I admit, but they do not lie at the core of my being any more.  I know that I have gathered around me wonderful people who have become friends to me in  one degree or another from every walk of life and from every age.  That has been the way I have been since I was very young. It has underscored what has brought richness to my life.  It part of who I am as as a person.

When the rug was pulled from me a couple of years ago, and I went through heartbreak, I spiraled into some self destructive behaviors. Thankfully, I met individuals who took me through that phase and now I am the better because of it.

My life is changing again. I wish I could spend as much time with everyone that is important to me in my life.  I try to make every effort to and will do as much as I can to do that very thing.  Associating with them as brought joy to my life and I love our moments together.  However, I realize that as things change there may be less opportunities.

Sometimes people wonder about the company I keep because they represent a diverse crowd.  I made these friends because I ultimately came to know them because of their hearts.  Some may be seen by the world as freaks.  That is the world’s loss.  I make no apologies for my friends, my life or who I am.

I look for authenticity and loyalty and love.   I have found this in the people who are my friends.  I am so thankful for them.

My real life is just that…real.

There are many things that I still need to improve on in my own personal life and I am  working on those things.  Thankfully,  it is all part of the process of being human.  I am simply me and no one else.

5 thoughts on “My Real Life – No One Else’s

  1. And so I know that truth is truth. And as I read your blog I knew it was the truth for the man I love. It is not only truth for the man I love but a “Life Truth” if we not only learn from your words; but adopt the philosophies that speak to us as well. How wonderful it is to learn from someone else’s “life truths”; to adopt what we are able and move more quickly to a better place within our own heads. Life lessons are everywhere to be learned. Whispers are always in our heads if we just listen. Listening and spirituality seem to go hand in hand for me. How blessed I am to have the direct influence and inspiration from the one who I share my life with. And these beautiful and true realizations are only the beginning in this chapter of my personal growth. My spirits have been lifted by you.
    All is well………

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