A Dragon New Year for A Rat

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year today – The Year of the Dragon, I came across a site where it explained what the year meant for others born on other animal sign years.  For me, who was born in a year of the Rat, it is supposed to be a year of romance and profit.  Well, that wouldn’t be bad.

I am a little skeptical about the romance part.  I am somewhat battle worn from the past few years.  Hey, but maybe a dragon can help a rat out.  I know there will be some people who would read that last sentence and laugh extra harder. Bitches.

What is nice about having the optimism of the Chinese New Year is the expectation and directional mind set one can put focus on that is supported by something larger in the Universe.  The dragon symbolizes it.

Things don’t come easily for the most part and certainly lofty goals or states of existence of happiness can only be sustained if we are only driven by greater vision.

We should always have days where firecrackers celebrate both the start and end of our days, marking each part of our journey of the year.

So as I enjoy the celebrations in San Francisco, even this rainy day ( especially after the Niner loss to the Giants yesterday), I can only raise my glass and exclaim,

“Gung hay fat choy!”

This Rat is getting some Dragon Luck.

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