You Can’t Put A Ring On It

I was thinking how that  saying “taking things one step at a time” is even more important to me now.   I have found that anytime I feel rushed in anything I am involved in , whether it be my business or personal life,  I revolt in some way. It may be silent and it may smolder for a while , but it eventually reveals itself.

I have learned and I am continuing to  learn to be more forthcoming and less accommodating in this area, because it is such a core part of relationship building and honesty.  In my personal life, I have been in a couple of long term significant relationships, so it is not reasonable to note that I will not jump into another one quite so easily.  There is something about time and the connecting of moments and experiences that eventually develop into a mature and loving relationship.

I have found that it truly takes my heart time to progress from the euphoria for early attraction and romantic love  to the fuller and passionate love that lasts longer.  You can’t put a ring on it until the heart is filled.

Perhaps it is life’s experiences that has be the tutor to my heart in all this or simply my personality.   It is more likely a combination of both.   I just know that I am at a better place internally than I ever have been before.  I also know that I can be patient for a love to to be found and to grow to where it needs to be where a life long relationship is possible.

I also know that with the right person love happens and grows. Then there is commitment  and to me, the kind of happiness I know I want.

In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the journey.

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