Necking at Orphan Andy’s Over an Ortega Burger

This past week has been an exercise in pure happiness for me.  It has been one in which I have been at complete peace with myself and consequently, that inner confidence has reflected out in my demeanor.  Like a friend told me last night, “Your face reflects your mood and state of being so well , JP.  You look happy.”

One of the side effects has been on my personal life and being out with my friends. I live in the Castro District of San Francisco.  It is my neighborhood and for a gay man it is its own world. It is filled with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other assorted eclectic businesses that may turn the eye of the more conservative visitor, but it is definitely ground zero for all things “gay.”

My friends and I have nicknamed the Castro “Oz”  because of the range of adventures that we have had in this place over the rainbow  for many years now.

Well, this past week has been no different for me.   I have been really enjoying my friends and having some fun times. I have also met some fun guys and also found myself in some interesting situations.  Yes, you find yourself getting the random ass and crotch grab.  Then there are times when the drinks are a-flowing and there is a little more hugging, and then before you know it, you are kissing some guy from Ireland. I think his name was Patrick.

After one especially fun night , as is sometimes the ritual with my friends , I stopped by the landmark 24 hour diner, Orphan Andy’s, to get something to eat.   Yes, this place where “Everyone Knows Your Shame.”

Since I was solo this time, I sat up on the counter. I watched the battled worn wait staff handled the orders of all their drunken customers. I am sure they just roll their eyes thinking about when their shifts will be done.  The graveyard shift is typically cute so I always find them a nice distraction.

I sat between two especially handsome men.  The one to the right of me was Hispanic and young.  He had ordered banana pancakes with chocolate chips. He kept asking me if I wanted to taste some,  ” Come on, Papi,  Is Good. Have Sum.”    I almost indulged. I was hungry and he was so cute.  However, I was distracted by the  hand of the guy on my left on my leg.

Now he was an attractive blondish man with green eyes with a good wink.  When my order of an Ortega Burger and  Fries came, he kept looking at my plate.  I picked up a fry and fed him one.   Well, then I did another.   So, I repeated it a few times until his order  of  a Rueben sandwich came.

He continued to rub my leg and then massaged my back  while I ate my  Ortega burger.  He was a good multi-tasker.  The Hispanic guy asked me how long the two us had been boyfriends. I told him since the meal began.  He said, ”  You are  funny, Papi.”

Well, I was about to take the last bite of my burger ( which by the way, was really good),  then Daniel ( the guy to my left)  started kissing my neck.  Well, I did not know what to do.  Admittedly, I  kind of liked it.   Maybe it was the combination of the Ortega Burger.  Who knows?

The Hispanic guy left by then.

Well, the necking went on for a bit.  We finally paid our checks.  Daniel and I walked out of  Orphan Andy’s.  We walked towards Market Street.  I looked at his face as he drew me closer to him.  He wanted me to take it further that night.  I flagged down a Taxi.  I put him in it.

The necking was fun.  Picking up up a trick at Orphan Andy’s over an Ortega Burger…well…not that night…and I hope never.

I love my life.

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