Where Real Connections Happen

Randy Pausch in his famous Last Lecture said, “When we become connected to people, we become better people.”   I find that my whole life and my work’s passion is about making connections for others and myself.  Folded within in that is service and building relationships.   In my personal life it has been about friendships and in the most beautiful moments, love.

When we live on the surface of ourselves, where superficiality thrives and where we try to connect simply on the shells of who we are , we eventually disconnect.  I think that is why when we become self centered ,it  is easier  to judge  , belittle, put down, exclude, and hate.  The worse of it has unfolded in human history in sending people to gas chambers and killing fields.

Our national dialogue today is about who should be included and excluded when it comes to rights.  It is not about connecting , it is all about disconnecting. We spend so much energy to disconnect as humans that we lose out on the powerful , empowering life of connection.

I even look  within LGBT community and see how much we could accomplish if we were less critical of each other,  less exclusionary, less judgmental,  and less hurtful.  How many friendships have been missed out? How many loves never came to be?  How much happiness was loss?

We live in a world where cynicism and skepticism reigns supreme. We drown ourselves in reality shows that celebrate mostly the lowest form of human behavior. We , the public, cheer on like the hungry crowds of the ancient Roman coliseums.

Connections involve authentically interacting with each other.  It comes with a desire to genuinely know each other.  When we put on those lens,  we become excited about each new person we meet. When we get to know people that way, the richness of our life increases.

Our relationships whether platonic or even romantic,  reaches new depths. Life becomes more satisfying and , as with every connector, people are drawn to you like t who those who know there is a deep well in a desert filled with water to quench their  thirst.

I am reminded again that an authentic life, a real life, my life — is one where real connections happen.  I look forward to the ones I make in 2o12.

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