Don’t Stress, Relax…Think Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang!

In one of my networking business group meetings today, a health professional colleague gave this wonderful presentation on her services that targets overall well being and the reduction of stress.  It was filled with good information.

As I went along my day, I thought about some of my best stress relievers. That movie musical from the sixties which featured the fantastic Dick Van Dyke came to mind ,  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

It is a fanciful tale with some catchy tunes that still are forever etched into my mind about a widower father and his two children and a fantastic flying car.  Their adventures take them to country where children are not allowed to exist by edict from an evil Baron and Baroness.  There is a wicked looking child catcher who snares up strays that looks  creepier than anyone on To Catch A Predator.

The baron and Baroness are after the flying car, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang.   The want to possess it.  They mistakenly kidnap the children’s grandfather to try to have him replicate the car. They think he is the inventor.

There is even a love story between the rich candymaker’s daughter and the father.  Her name is Truly Scrumptious.  I know. It sounds like a Drag Queen‘s name.  In some shots, she looks like one.

The whole movie is done tongue and cheek with homage paid to the keystone cops kind of movies  and evil spy dramas  in some funny scenes with the baron’s henchmen.  If you let your mind escape into the movie ( if you are an adult, have a little alcohol) it is becomes such a  a trip.   Your stress will just go away and you will be humming Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

This may be nonsensical to you.  There is something about getting out of your tired cynicism, narcissism,  and skepticism and become childlike.  It is alright.  It does not mean your problems go away but you get awash in some innocence and escapism that frees your spirit a little.

Things flow into perspective as you get lulled with Hushabye mountain and your heart leaps with  Toot Sweets.

I just know that I revisit a happy place in my heart when I think of that movie where the eyes of the young boy I once was had the fresh wonder of life that I now can  dip into occasionally to get the perspective to face the present.

Truly Scrumptious!

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