A Friday Night, Flying Monkeys, Kiss and Runs…and Damn FUN!

So, I was having a kind of down week because I was sick.  Then after some days of rest, I ventured out Friday night into the Castro which is nicknamed by my friends, Oz.  There is a reason for this when you look at the over the rainbow kind of adventures we have had in this place. I love  the Castro. It is simply a two block walk into the main area where the clubs and bars reside.

I decided to catch up with friends at Toad Hall which is where my friends normally gather to get their drink on for Happy Hour. It is also a great place to catch up with the guys on what has been happening during the week.  Well, that is the way it started for me. I gathered with a few friends. Got my favorite drink from my favorite bartender, Steve.

While I was there, I received a text from Jose ( from this point on some names have been changed to protect the naughty).  He’s a guy I have started to hang out with recently.  We have had good chemistry. Jose  recently returned from vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.   I was looking forward to spending more time with him.  His text informed me that he was at another bar, The Edge.

I made my way to the Edge.  The streets were wet with the light rain that fell.  However, the Edge was right across from Toad Hall so it was not inconvenient.  Jose was just inside the Edge in the area by the front windows with a couple of friends.  He was dressed in a shirt with a tie, long sleeve denim shirt and black suspenders.  It looked nice on him.

Jose was moving to the music.  His friends were nice.  He bought me a drink and we engaged in some fun banter. It was our flirtatious thing. Soon a lot of my Drag Queen friends entered and I introduced them around.  One of them tried to hit on one of Jose’s friends.

Soon we migrated to Badlands, Jose wanted to dance.  The music and cute guy ratio was high in Badlands. So we were glad we had transferred there.  I met a lot of friends there. Lots of hugs.  Jose and I went up to dance joined by one of his friends.  I had a blast.

When we returned after dancing, this is when OZ came alive.

Jose and I noticed a very nice looking Hispanic guy hanging out with a couple of women in the corner by where we were standing.  Pretty soon I made eye contact with this guy and he looked like he was flirting with me.  Soon after several such instances,  he came up to me and said,  ” You don’t remember me, do you?”

I looked at him,  with my puzzled face and I said, ” I am sorry, but have we met?”   He then told me that we had met at this bar called Este Noche in the Mission.  We had dance and made out … He said I was kind of drunk.   Kind of?!? I don’t remember him.  This HOT  Latino man.

I have to explain, Este Noche, is not one of my favorite places.  My best friend , Pippi Longstocking ( yes, not his real name), LOVES that bar and Latino men.  Once in a while he drags me to that dive and I drink to forget that I am there. I am just afraid there is going to be a raid on the place or the cockroaches will carry off my drink.

However, there are some hot men there.  So I got reintroduced to Raoul.  He scolded me a bit for forgetting him.  He had that sexy accent.  He finally gave me a kiss and his phone number.  I had to get back to Jose ( who was speaking to his buddies).

When I got back to Jose, I told him the story. He laughed.   Just as he did this,  this white guy grabbed me turned me around and said,  “Hey Guapo,!” He then planted a kiss on me.  I thought, “Shit, did I forget this one too?”    No this was one of those random hit and run kisses. I smiled at the guy , pushed him away and said he should go check on his friends. He said, okay.

Jose slapped my ass and said, “Bad boy.”

Well, Jose and buddies had to head home early. I kissed Jose and we made plans to hang out another day.

I then went to Moby Dicks.  There I met Stan and Pedro.  I was glad to see them. They are always so fun.  We joked and talked for a while.  T.B. was there too.   There were these guys that were out of state that were hanging with them.

Then I left and went to 440.   I went  to the upper deck.   There was this cute guy sitting in the back. He flirted with me and I sat next to him. We started talking and he was humorous. Then pretty soon we were kissing and it was nice.  Then when we came up for air, he told me that he was given permission to play from his boyfriend ( who was a way on his business trip).  I said what?!  Exit , stage left for me.

I went and got something to eat at La Tortilla. Then I went back to 440.

I saw a couple of buddies Miguel and Peter.  Miguel and I had some history so it was nice to see him.  We were all in a good mood and testosterone was at a high level.  So much so, that in the middle of all this, Peter, reached over to me and started kissing me.  I was actually quite enjoying it.  Then some big bear of a guy wanted to get into the kissing action with us.  I pulled away… NO.

I did not have red shoes, but I knew it was time for me to go home.

As I walked back home I looked back down the hill at the lights of the Castro.  I smiled.  It was a wild, fun night. I needed it after the week I had.

I am glad I went down the yellow brick road on Friday night.

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