A Dip Into The Well

Today, I saw a series of videos on You Tube showing scenes from the island of Guam where I was born and where I grew up most of my life.  The title of this blog, Tasithoughts, has part of its origin in the word “Tasi” which is the native Chamorro word for ocean or beach.  As a child growing up in a place where the Pacific Ocean surrounded all shores, the ocean was a haven, a playground and a place to dream.

Since Guam is surrounded by reefs , except for  the occasional storm or typhoon, the sea was always tranquil for me.  I remember how many of my dreams floated in my mind over the horizon when I sat on the beach many, many times.  My heart always wandered to see what was beyond. I knew from the start I would be traveler.  I always felt Guam would be my roots but would never be a permanent place for me to  stay.

Yet, I always feel the warm breeze of the ocean and the white sand between my toes , call for me to go back to dip into the well of my people, my homeland and my culture.  I always feel renewed when I do.

What happened years ago to me when I lived there , shaped who I am now.  What I credit Guam the most with  is this unbelievable capacity to include others and love , because that is what my family and extended family imbued in me, despite the our personal weaknesses and trials. I always felt loved and embraced. It is something that I have never seen duplicated.

There is a simplicity to life there that allows your mind to think profound and great thoughts.  You can still see multitudes of stars on a clear evening.  The water is turquoise and warm.  The noon sun can be harsh and unforgiving, especially with the high humidity. However the rains come intermittently to cool the tropical sauna.

I can almost taste the sweet juice that comes from the young coconut chopped fresh from the tree with the skillful slice of the machete.   It is pure , natural delight.

Yes, I grew up in a piece of heaven.   Once in a while it is nice to drop by and enjoy it.

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