Evolution in the Rain

There is something about the rain that brings the mind to a certain place. For me it can be melancholy, but this time it is like fresh clarity opening up thoughts and emotions.  I have  had many ideas  and feelings presented to me in my life that have come through the experiences of my friends, my colleagues and my own life.  They seem to be disconnected at at first but in actuality, they all fit together as a whole and help me to move ahead in  my own way .

One of the things  that is a reoccurring  theme, has been the mutual desire of many of us to find that love and romance we want in our lives. Having had the opportunity to have had that before  and known what that is like, I find myself missing it but being more cautious.  I see my friends struggle and have been supportive with their own journeys.  We all have at some time perhaps come near to it but something just has not worked out.

I personally have met guys I think that there may have been possibilities, but I have no idea if the feeling is mutual. Frankly, I really have not made any real effort to push harder to find out.  I am not sure if I am playing it safe or just tired.

Truth be known , I think the slowness of the process of me getting there has been helpful.  I am looking forward to finding the right one at the right time. The journey has been fun.  I have not sat in the sidelines.

There are moments of wistfulness that take my mind beyond all the carefree fun.  I know at core I  love the idea of being with one man and one love , building a relationship for life.  Old fashion that way.  Guilty and proud of it.

The other thing that has been pivotal has been my career path. To me what has changed, is that my career has now become more of a vocation to me.  So every step I am taking has become more than about making money. It is not so much about what I am doing and as it is about the value  to those I do it for and for the world. That evolution of purpose has not only been freeing to me and it  has given me such remarkable inner  strength.

Friendships and family have deepened in their essence of importance to me and have become  an essential component of my life-force.   My soul is enriched and finds purpose when my life is filled with family and friends.

So when the rain falls,  it simply joins the tears in my heart that manifests the joy I feel of a life that still is discovering the real meaning of why I am here. I am continuing to evolve and as the grey overcast implies ,  that a new day will eventually arrive where the sun will shine brightly , heralding rebirth, new perspective and endless possibilities.

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