An End and A Start

In my professional life,  my job position is a Sales Manager for an Accounting firm, but what I really do is I am a Connector.  I meet other individuals from all professions,  get to know them, build genuine relationships to help them build their businesses and better their lives.  I do that by connecting them to individuals and resources.

Underscoring all this , has been this pure joy of having added to my life these wonderful friends who have not only enriched my existence on this planet but allowed me to share in their journeys.  This sharing and this connecting with people is what makes me wake up in the morning, makes me feel wonder about life, and brings the “new” to a new day.  As Oprah puts it,” It’s my calling.”

Because of this, I find myself in many pockets and groups of people that I meet with on a regular basis to exchange ideas, network, and conduct business.  One such organization,  that I have been meeting weekly for a few years with and have been serving as an officer for most of that time has been especially close to my heart. The people in that group are dear friends.

There are times when in one’s evolution in goals and needs  where  one must move on and change direction.  This is now required of me  and I need to leave this group.  As with all change where your heart is deeply connected, it does not come without some pain.   However, I know that for me it is the right decision.  I will not lose my connections with the individuals, I will just miss the dynamics of the group.

I am in the process of writing a book  and also starting a workshop series eventually which will require some focus among all my other activities.  However, I am committed to it.

All I know that this journey of being a Connector  is still just barely at its beginning.  The future is so rich with possibility that I am fully meeting  head on with the kind of joy when you know – this is what you know you were born to do.

3 thoughts on “An End and A Start

  1. Great post JP! I love the term I am a “Connector”! As I read this post, I realized that in many ways I am a connector too! All the best with the projects that you are working on..

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