The Powerhouse American Idol Top 9

Something took  hold of the American Idol stage  last night.  It seemed that all the American Idol contestants brought on their top game last night.  I mean I was genuinely moved by the performances.  I still love my favorites  Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.   However, I  am also a growing fan of  Colton Dixon , Elise Testone and Deandre Brackensick.

It was amazing night that for me turned Season 11 around and now has fully brought the Idol magic back.  It must be because of the influence of guest music artist coach, Stevie Nicks.  This competition is tight in many ways with the talent now showing up strongly.  Now it is going to require every nuance  coupled with  a strong and memorable performance , for contestants to stand out above the pack.

If this momentum keeps up it will be one of the most exciting and strong Idol seasons ever.

“Sanchez gave yet another perfectly calibrated performance with Beyonce‘s “Sweet Dreams,” balancing restraint and power. Everything from her voice to her dress to the red door she walked through seemed polished and tour-ready.” LA TIMES

“Phillips’ performance may have been my favorite of the night were it not for Elise Testone, who proved with Led Zeppelin’sWhole Lotta Love” that she has the makings of a true rock star.”- LA TIMES

CREDIT: Michael Becker/FOX

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