Ana Mae Coxxx – A Legacy Ends

Ana Mae Coxxx

I have written about San Francisco, Drag Performer , Ana Mae Coxxx, a few times in the past couple of years that I have known her. I have known the man behind the mask and the make up also, Matt Smith.   Yes,  we have one of the most prolific performers that has ever been on the San Francisco stage, but I would like to write from a more personal point of view.  Why this post? Well, Matt has decided that Ana Mae Coxxx is retiring on April 8th.

I have not really pressed for the reason.  I just know that for him, it is time.  So this Sunday at the Glamazon show at The Cafe on Market in the Castro, Ana Mae Coxxx does her last numbers and goes into the annals of drag history.

There is some poignancy to me.  Truth be known, I am not one of the biggest drag fans or really understand all its intricacies. I have a healthy respect for the genre. I have more respect for this segment of the gay community and the tremendous good they have done for many charities and causes.  They have often been the forefront of gay rights and causes.  They have more balls then the most butch guys out there.

I met Ana Mae Coxxx right about the time I just ended an 11 year relationship with the love of my life.  I was still at that lost and still hurt stage. Somehow Ana Mae understood that and empathize with that in my life.  I was exposed to her performances and found them to be outstanding and moving. She even lip synced to some of my favorite songs. I blogged about her songs and soon became  one of the people that documented her performances.

Through her I was introduced to a whole new family of friends. Literally, she inducted me into her Haus of Coxxx.  I was given the name “Sweet Coxxx” ( I am sure she regrets that sometimes).  Some of my dearest friends have come through that Haus.   The adventures and experiences that I have had in the past two years have come through the world she opened up to me.   Those have been some of the best times of my life.

Ana Mae Coxxx  has her own opinions and expresses them.  Consequently,  controversy follows her as it does with people like her who are public and vocal.  However, I know the heart of this person.  There is always good intent.  In those quiet moments with her closest friends, you really see just a human trying to do their best in this world.

Ana Mae Coxxx may be going away.  My memories are not.  I am also thankful that my friendship with Matt remains.  I am forever grateful that at my darkest moment he extended his hand and let me know that things will get better.  That life will go on.

Matt, it has and it did.

I will miss the performances , the glamour and of course the attitude ( I think Matt will still have that!).

So Ana Mae Coxxx may be ending, but life goes on, and better things are ahead.

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