My Roman Holiday This Easter

Sometimes on the journey to find that love of your life, you meet an individual that you have a short , but passionate fling that makes a mark on your life. It is your Roman Holiday.  For me it was my Easter Holiday.  Full of possibilities but short lived because of the impossibilities, mostly time and distance.

Living in an international city like San Francisco, you meet a lot of people from many places.  One in a while you meet someone that is more than a one night stand but takes your breath away and makes your heart skip a beat or two with some real connection.

He was from Boston.  He was vacationing. He loved Karaoke.

Handsome.  Self-assured.  He definitely had that Eastern directness but also a heart of gold.   He loved San Francisco and especially loved the Mint where there is Karaoke every night.  That is where we went and hung out.  I loved to watch and hear him sing. He was especially good at singing “Heartbreaker” and “I Love Rock and Roll.”

He loved his Martini’s.

We held hands, kissed and our nights were spent together more like lovers and less like strangers.

A perfect movie script fitting all those songs written about the heart.

Yet, reality sinks in and he leaves on Easter Sunday.  I may see him one more time.  However, I have already said goodbye.  Such flings, I believed are to be cherished.  I am glad that it happened.  Yes, I wished it could be something more but I know that won’t be the case.

I just know that my heart is open to find the love of my life.

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