Purse Your Lips, It is your Birthday, BFF!

L-R: Chris and me

Today,  my best friend, Chris ,  celebrates his birthday. Like most people in their 30’s,  I think birthdays become more of an annoying reminder that time is marching on and that there are these nagging desires and dreams still wanting in life.

I have thought of many ways to honor him today.  Perhaps he would love it if I would just stop flapping my jaws.  Unfortunately, that will not happen.  However, I reflected on what I know about this guy who has become more like a brother to me and who knows me deeper than most people.

Chris and I met, I think, under circumstances that I believe were fortuitous.  Our lives were under transition.  I was on the verge of a relationship break up.  Having Chris there was life saving.    He helped me through the heartbreak and forged our friendship deeply.

We have had adventure over adventure.  Through it all,  I have learned this about my friend , this man.

Yes, in the gay world, Chris gets a lot of attention and has no trouble getting “dates” or “guys.”  Sometimes that can prove to be challenging to him because there is so much more depth to my best friend.  He is one of the most intelligent and intuitive people I know.  His perception of people is almost always dead on.  He also understands more than he lets on at times.  Never let that “baseball cap , next door boy persona” fool you.  My red headed buddy is a thinker.

Chris is one of the most caring people I know. He loves his family.  He is a devoted son.  I have seen him do things for his dearest friends.  I have countless messages from him simply checking up on me.   He has helped me on numerous occasions in many things without fanfare.

Chris loves the gay life and all its social perks.   We are often out and about in it.  He loves Latin men.  He has a dated a lot of them. Quite frankly, they have flocked to him. However, despite what anyone might think and despite what might be said about him, he really wants and desires a strong relationship with one person. I know that is where he wants to be and truly where his deepest values lie.

He is a hard worker.  He is a manager at his job and is excellent at it. He takes pride at what he delivers in service.  I have seen him at work and his attention to detail is fun to watch.  He has been recognized for his achievements there.

Chris loves to joke around and tease.  He wears his emotion on his sleeve at times.  He loves simple things like drinking beer with friends.  He is a happy guy spending a night at Este Noche,  Pan Dulce, Club 21 or our favorite starting point, Toad Hall.

He loves his Mustang. He loves Starbucks.

He hates hypocrisy, pretense,  and boring people.

His best times are when he breaks out in uncontrollable laughter.

Happy Birthday, bff, Pippi, Shirl.  Purse your lips, another great year is ahead!

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