Take Me Away

I have had some wonderful moments this week.  Today, I am hanging on to them because yesterday brought some challenges and today seems to continue some whispers of those challenges.  Some of them are matters of the heart.  I m no stranger to those emotions but it still does not preclude me to the “working through” process.

I have two good friends who are embarking on vacations.  I believe that what my soul is crying out for right now is the same for me.  Life’s challenges will always be there.  I think I am in some sort of burnt out period where I need the reprieve of a vacation, a place to be away from all of my daily routine.

I know that for me traveling and leisure as always been the reservoir of renewal for me.   It is now my turn to to figure out how to do something.

The word vacation means:

“a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity,usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:” – Dictionary.com

I love the word suspension.   It reminds me of suspended animation…floating freely…no cares in the world.

For the budget conscious namely me, near-cations are more feasible.  Thankfully, the San Francisco Bay area is filled with all kinds of possibilities.

However, I know that if I don’t find a break soon. I will not be good to anybody.  I will especially not be good to myself.

Take me away.

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