Michael Buckley: Winning A Chance to Co-Host Live With Kelly Ripa

There has been a search for a co-host to fill Regis Philbin‘s spot, since he retired,  using many celebrity guests on the Live with Kelly show for months .  There have been rumors to those ones who have been shortlisted.

Well, I think they need to put one more person on that list.  His name is Michael Buckley.  He is the winner of the Coast to Coast Co-Host search for non- celebrity amateurs.  He is appearing tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24th on the show as a guest co-host. The Live show with Kelly Ripa has not seen this much energy since Regis Philbin retired from co-hosting duties.  He is so comfortable on set and has such great chemistry with Ripa.   He is openly gay and  handles all situations well with great comedic timing.  He is likable.

He is no stranger to being a public figure.  Buckley is a You Tube star having one of the most watched channels online with shows like “What the Buck?” and ” Buck News”  His frenetic and fast pace talking is hilarious.

I believe a star is born.  If his stint on the Live Show   does not land him a permanent gig there, I know it is jettisoning him to something big.

I hope you catch him and become a fan!

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