All The Right Moves – The Right Show To Watch

L-R Nick Lazzarini, Travis Wall, Kyle Robinso,n Teddy Forance

I thought that we would have our fill of reality shows, but newly debuting on the Oxygen channel is a fresh new great one called All the Right Moves which features the Emmy winning dance choreographer , Travis Wall; renown dance, Teddy Forance: Season One winner and also accomplished dancer, Nick Lazzarini;  and recently West Side Story Tour Cast Member, Kyle Robinson.   The show follows these group of four friends, two gay and two straight and the start of their dance company, Shaping Sound Company.   The first episode which I have included the link here is already indicating that this will be a show where the drama, the level of fantastic dancing and cast of characters will bring a reality show that is a cut above the others.


The level of friendship and the normalcy of it, in spite of sexual preference, between the four friends, is so refreshing,  It speaks to what the world should be like.  The start of a company and the struggles of doing it in this economy, even with talent, is a great study for all entrepreneurs.  The cast is likable.

Tune in and watch one of the best shows to debut this summer!

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